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Our trade counter is closed until further notice, however We are still taking orders online / over the phone and shipping as normal.
We are also in the process of merging Gas Struts with our sister site StrutsDirect.
There won't be any interruption of service during this time.

Traction Gas Struts

Set Descending Direction

41-60 of 77

  1. Steel Eye E12

    Steel Eye E12 Learn More
  2. Steel Ball Joint B10

    Steel Ball Joint B10 Learn More
  3. Steel Ball Joint B1

    Steel Ball Joint B1 Learn More
  4. Steel Ball Joint B0

    Steel Ball Joint B0 Learn More
  5. Plastic Ball Joints PB1

    Plastic Ball Joints PB1 Learn More
  6. Steel Clevis Fork C4

    Steel Clevis Fork C4 Learn More
  7. Steel Clevis Fork C3

    Steel Clevis Fork C3 Learn More
  8. Steel Clevis Fork C2

    Steel Clevis Fork C2 Learn More
  9. Steel Clevis Fork C1

    Steel Clevis Fork C1 Learn More
  10. Steel Eye E14

    Steel Eye E14 Learn More
  11. Steel Eye E13

    Steel Eye E13 Learn More
  12. Clevis Fork Clips C2

    Clevis Fork Clips C2 Learn More
  13. Clevis Fork Clips C1

    Clevis Fork Clips C1 Learn More
  14. Steel Bracket Type 1

    Suitable for use with SD01 strut - when ordering gas strut select ball joint. When you receive the strut, remove the stud from the ball joint and insert the bracket stud. Learn More
  15. Steel Bracket Type 6R

    Suitable for use with SD01 and SD02. Learn More
  16. Steel Bracket Type 52R

    Suitable for use with SD01 and SD02 Learn More
  17. Clevis Fork Clips C3

    Clevis Fork Clips C3 Learn More
  18. Steel Bracket Type 6A

    Suitable for use with SD03 and SD04. Learn More
  19. Steel Bracket Type 6RA
  20. Stainless Steel Bracket Type 6

    Suitable for use with SD01 and SD02. Learn More

Set Descending Direction

41-60 of 77